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The exterior appearance of your home or business is the first thing that passersby and potential buyers notice. A brand new paint job is going to feel welcoming and attract positive attention, while chipped, peeling, or faded paint is going to detract from your property’s value. For exterior painting in Plano, TX, Art Smart Painting and Remodeling is the way to go. With more than 17 years of painting experience, they guarantee your satisfaction.

When you hire Art Smart Painting and Remodeling, you get a professional paint job that does wonders for your home and business by providing the following:

• On-site Crew Leader—You get the assistance of an on-site crew leader on each exterior painting job. The contractor will keep you updated about your project’s progress and will give you input regarding material selection. They will purchase the necessary materials and keep the job on track.

• Improved Functionality—Exterior painting will improve your property’s functionality by enhancing various characteristics. White walls and roof coatings offer reflectivity, which helps—for example—to save energy you need to cool your home.

• Enhanced Aesthetic Value—Exterior painting will dramatically change the appearance of your home or business. Flat finish paint can hide imperfections, and paints in general can be customized to offer a variety of effects. From a marketing standpoint, exterior painting is important because it provides significant value to your property. Most buyers look at the appearance of a building before deciding its value, and painting your home or business will help.

If you reside in Plano, TX, you will not find a more reliable exterior painting company than Art Smart Painting and Remodeling. Reach out to them by phone or email or stop in for a visit.

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